So long Chicago, hello LA

House 51, Report! from Chicago Fire

In the explosion pic from the final scene of last season’s Chicago Fire finale, you can tell it’s Boden’s stunt double.  It captured the moment of the 4th floor blowing out just before the whole front blows out and envelopes Chief Kenny.  John Milinac and the Special Effects team had set up crossing mortars loaded with dust and debris.  In the heart of the cross, Chief Kenny is able to walk directly into the explosion under the strict supervision of the Stunt Coordinator Rick LeFevour. Pretty effective and scary.  Boden is left watching the horrible sight.

No longer Producing Chicago Fire, now I’m just a fan.  Very curious to see what the new season will bring – hearing great things from Chicago.  Pretty tall order for Wolf, Olmstead, Haas and Brandt. 44 hours of TV over the 2014/15 season for 2 shows, CF and Chicago PD.

On Chicago Fire, who will survive the terrible explosion that ended last season?

On CPD, Jin has been killed.  Things are now very murky and closing in for Voight and the Intell Squad.  What is next?

I will be watching…

Instead of Chicago Fire, I will be teaching a TV Pilot class at USC this Fall and Spring.  Really looking forward to talking about the business and seeing what these young filmmakers will come up with.  These are the kids who will be in our business in a very short time.  It is time for new blood to start to service the writing, producing, directing all these emerging markets on the web, in cable and, yes even the networks.  At least as long as we have ‘networks’ as they are now.

So, looking forward to talking about film, TV explosions and the general mayhem that accompanies our crazy business.


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